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Moving Forward into the Unknown

After an initial grinding phase to organize our business, we are finally ready to start blogging a few times per week.

Since we first started building the concept of in September, a lot has happened in the venture business.  Mark Suster does a great job explaining how the game is changing for VCs.  

We do not view these changes as negative - we’ve been expecting disruption in this industry ever since the proliferation of startup accelerators (aka Ycombinator clones).

We do, however, anticipate things to get even more exciting for entrepreneurs - and we want to open up the potential returns to anyone; not just the wealthy.

To get our content rolling, here are a few trends we have been watching and will be commenting on over the next year:

1. Education and big service firm Human Resources have co-evolved to an unsustainable point

2. Apps are becoming simpler to create for even non coders and although there will be “next generation Marios”, expect most apps to have a similar half-life as hot NYC night spots

3. A person’s attention is quickly becoming their most valuable asset while discovery technologies are vastly improving and being introduced to consumers in more relevant ways

4. Web platforms are communicating more data back and forth every day

5. Privacy concerns are growing and these are not only isolated to Facebook blunders or data mining companies trying to serve you targeted ads

More to come soon, but on a final note, we have started evaluating applications from companies to be included in our first batch of businesses.

Fill out this form to start the process, and we will be in touch.

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That’s right. 2011. These six ideas emerged in 2010 as powerful “innovation invitations” and seem sure to intensify in power and influence. They’ll increasingly be a source of, and resource for, innovation differentiation in 2011, if not for your organization, then for the firm you most dread competing against.

1. Contestification

Whether Google Demo Slam or Sprint’s App Competition, digital media has become an innovation battleground for customers, clients, prospective partners, and young talent. Frito-Lay has already made competition the cornerstone of its Super Bowl advertising, and Toyota, desperate to remind people what a wonderful corporate citizen it can be, invites aspiring innovators to suggest how the firm’s technology can be used for good in unexpected ways. Crowdsourced contestification is becoming institutionalized as a way firms can grow their own innovation nations. If you’re not running an innovative innovation contest to invite participation and build brand, then you’re reacting to your competitor’s competition. Will your contest be competitive with their contest? Who’s running it? Who’s judging it? Who’s winning it?

Harvard Business Review

Entry by: Joe Williams

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